Monday, June 5, 2017

Identifying the hour of the Church!

If you KNOW how God is seeing "this day", if He reveals to you where things are and what His plan is and how it's taking place right at this very moment in time, you will have the answers to all the questions that are being asked by preachers, teachers, evangelists, pastors and prophets today, which by the way the LORD revealed to me would be happening in these days, leaders of the faith conferring with one another regarding "what is happening in the earth today"!
It's all very simple if you know the truth! If we CONFER with GOD today, even as Paul conferred not with flesh and blood immediately following his conversion experience, rather he conferred with the Holy Ghost only and He learned everything the disciples had learned in the presence of Jesus. Paul learned far more than even that because his "conferencing" was with God Himself, by way of the Holy Ghost. He was receiving the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So as God helped him to do!
You and I can see things from the perfect view of God today, as we listen to those who have truly heard from Him. There are prophets in the land today. Not all of them hear the very same information in entirety, however, the pieces will fit together properly as they are coming from the throne room of God.

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