Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I am placing here on our Prophetic Prayer Alert Blog, this latest Prayer Alert that was given me on Mar 31, 2016, on the evening of the "shooting at the White House." I was absolutely amazed at the mind of God. He spoke to me that evening, "Ginger, go look up the word 'platform'!" Simply that. Look at what came out of that one simple word and how it, in a stark way, applies to everything taking place in our world right now! Our GOD IS GOOD!

Please, everyone who prays, all of you who are intercessors and to those who lead intercessory prayer groups, put this on your prayer lists every time you gather together. Please! Let's stand with the what the Holy Spirit has so graciously revealed to us as a pertinent focus for our prayers today.

Lord, God, we REJOICE in your DIVINE IMPARTATION that allows us to know how to pray effectively. God, you are so powerful and gracious to your people. We will act in obedience to your loving revelation, God, to protect and to declare and decree "safety and protection/divine protection" in every one of these areas mentioned in this definition of the word: PLATFORM. AMEN!

I will post the link to the videos here:

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