Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vision - Globe Bank - Feb 15, 2016

I am posting exactly what I saw in a vision as I lay my head down last night. I can come away with several "takes" or "interpretations" of this vision, just on my own: 1) I need to sow into the Gospel being preached to the entire globe - Around the Globe with the News of the Risen Son - today, in "this day"!  2) Well, of course, those of us concerned with global news, know full well that this could easily represent and speak to us about a "world banking system or global currency" to come.  3) This could also speak loudly to us about the world economy in days to come; something we should always be seeking the Lord about and taking His instructions regarding.  4) How concerned are we about the financial status of all "around the globe"? Or are we only concerned with the welfare of our own families, community, Church, etc?  5) How much time are we really investing in "global intercession"?

Put this on your "watch list" for intercession, won't you? This is why we post those divine dreams, visions and utterance of the Holy Spirit here on Izzy Speaking Today. Yes, He is speaking today, to those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church. Let's join our hearts, eyes, ears and prayers of intercession to the things revealed by God, as points of interest to Him! Amen?

Always call to mind that God adjures us to pray with the help of the Holy Spirit, who prays in God perfection. We are "infirmed" in our prayer life without His assistance! Thank God everyday, for all the heavenly provision He has supplied freely unto us, through Christ Jesus our Lord. Take advantage of and be obedient to cooperate with those things that God has revealed to us are aids to our spiritual walk with Him. He desires us to be "effective" in the realm of the Holy Spirit. Glory to His name.

Thank you for your unity with the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and with us as well.                          

                                                              God bless you.

                                                              Izzy Herriette & Co / Ginger Renken

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